In Japan everyone has a little bag that fits their water bottle so you don’t get any condensation on your belongings. And if you don’t have a bag, you can always wrap the bottle in a furoshiki (a wrapping cloth). When I was little my mum would always wrap my water bottles for school in a furoshiki and my classmates would always question it. It seems in Australia it’s really weird to want to protect your stuff from water! I still wrap my water bottles, and a few years ago my father in law got me a funny little bag from Thailand made entirely of zips. It was the perfect size for my water bottle. Recently I bought a new water bottle that had a square base so it didn’t fit the zip bag so well. I thought I can make a custom fit bag for my new bottle!

I remembered I had a book from Japan that showed me how to make one. This is the book I used – ” Kawaii Mochimono” (Cute Belongings) by Aranzi Aronzo. You can buy an english translated version here.



You can see here, they used pre-quilted cotton to make their bag. I thought I could find some at Spotlight (a fabric chain store here in Australia) but no luck. I ended up having to order some from Japan through Miss Matabiย and although she didn’t have a huge collection, I found one really nice Nani Iroย fabric that would be prefect for my water bottle bag.


Ta-da! What do you think? I think it came out really cute! I was originally going to make the strap as well but I couldn’t find any strap material in the colour I wanted so I ordered the strap on etsy. As you can see I made a bit of a mistake when I made the loops to attach the strap! I was thinking I would fold up the end that is sewn onto the bag but when I was doing it I realised it would be too thick so now I have a bit of the selvedge on that one loop. Nevermind! It still looks really cute.


And then to close the gathered tie I remembered I had bought these stoppers (? I have no idea what these are called!) at a craft fair and it is the perfect size to pull the tie through! I’m really happy with how this came out. I had to draft the whole pattern myself because the bottle was an irregular size but it ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I bought half a metre of the Nani Iro fabric and I still have lots left. I’m thinking I’ll make a little chair pad for one my dining chairs, it too has an irregular shape that no existing chair pad fits onto!

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