I’ve got a nice, simple printable for July’s newsletter – paper chains!

July LR 9

For my birthday parties when I was little my mum would decorate the house with paper chains she had made from Snoopy origami paper. It would always liven up the space and give it a festive vibe. I don’t know what happened to the paper chains but I’ll always think of them fondly and still use handmade paper chains as decoration. And since I’ve been into making patterns lately I thought I would marry the two ideas to create July’s printable.

july LR 1

I created 8 different patterns to make each paper chain link.

july LR 3

July LR 5

You can use either plain copy paper or a coated paper for more vibrant results (the top part of the above picture is printed on copy paper, the bottom is coated paper).

July LR 6

All you have to do is print, cut, loop the paper strips and join them together!

July LR 8

It’s a really relaxing activity to do and you can cut the paper strips into different sizes to create different sized paper chains. And feel free to use the paper for other crafts too!

July LR 10

Make sure you get your free paper chain printable by signing up to my newsletter! It’s sent out once a month and is full of my favourite finds. This month you’ll also see an exclusive sneak peek at a new project I’m working on. The newsletter will be released on the 3rd July at 6:30pm (Perth, Western Australia time). Sign up HERE.

Posted by:Niina Aoki

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