I’ve been busy sewing away but have had a few dud makes unfortunately.

  • A pair of pants that I chose the wrong fabric for so it doesn’t fit very well.
  • A dress that looks great but the fit is a little off in the back.
  • A pair of culottes that actually fits nicely but looks a little funny around the waist.
  • Another dress that somehow looks like a nightie on me!

So I’ve been feeling a little discouraged with my sewing but I’ve been soldiering on because the more you sew the better you get! Right?!

I don’t have many skirts so I thought I should make another skirt to add to my wardrobe. I found a free tutorial to make a paneled skirt by Fabrics Store. At the Potter & Co big fabric sale back in March I bought a beautiful pink and white striped linen that is oh so soft and drapey that would be perfect as a skirt. I thought changing the direction of the stripes in the panels of the skirt would create a subtle point of interest.

When I was cutting up the pattern pieces I realised that this linen fabric was really shifty!! I think I cut some of the pieces a little wonky and not on grain but it doesn’t seem to have affected the skirt too much. The fabric also has a pretty loose weave so it was fraying all over the place! Lots of zig zag stitching to keep that in check.

I changed a few things from the original pattern:

  • I added pockets to the side seams
  • I added lining because the fabric is very sheer
  • I changed the waistband a little. I kept the 3 channels of elastic but instead of keeping one end open and closing it with hand stitching I sewed the waistband on as one piece and kept a section open in the seam where it attaches to the skirt. I also folded the bottom hem of the waistband into itself and stitched in the ditch to attach it. Does that even make sense?? I am terrible at explaining things!
  • Also had to lengthen the skirt by about 10cm and lengthened the waistband by about 5cm when I realised the band is cut at the same width as my hips!

Ta-da! Here is the finished skirt!

skirt 03

It’s pretty hard to see the panels but I don’t mind, I think it still looks pretty! The elastic waistband came out soooo comfy! I’ve made a couple other elastic waistbanded items and they have all used wider elastic and it’s not as comfortable as using multiple thinner elastics. Something to remember in the future!
skirt 02

skirt 01

Do you love my coat? I love it so much, I wish I could say I had made it! I bought it a few years ago from Bobo Choses, a Spanish fashion brand that mostly makes children’s clothing. The print and colours remind me of Japan and Finland. It’s quilted which I love, I’ve been obsessed with quilted jackets/coats for the past few years. I’d love to make my own one day.
skirt 04

Here’s a close up of my adorable brooch! My husband bought it for me from Fragola, a designer in Japan. It’s amazing how much it looks like a real iced cookie! It looks a lot like Panko doesn’t it?
skirt 05

And one more photo – I knitted this headband myself! I’ve been trying to teach myself how to knit and so far I have only mastered the knit stitch. I made this a month ago so I’ve probably forgotten how to knit now! I’m quite proud of my headband, it’s just a long rectangle sewn together and then the middle pinched and sewn but I think it looks really cute and it keeps my head warm. One day I will be able to knit jumpers and other fancy things!

Look forward to more sewing adventures! I have a pinafore dress that just needs buckles to finish, a pair of overalls that I’m struggling to get the right fit (I think I have a really long back because it is giving me the biggest wedgie!), and a shirt dress that is waiting to be cut out.

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